Vintage Spalding "Softball" Baseball Glove Wallet!


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Made using leather from a genuine vintage Spalding "Softball baseball glove and Italian La Perla Azzurra leather for the inner pockets, we have created a unique looking wallet. Dark Brown/Brown leather. Four pockets for credit cards and ID. Will fit tightly at first and break-in with use/time and fit 2-3 cards each. This does not have a spot for cash (like a traditional bifold) but most people fold cash and put it in one of the four pockets.

Approx. 4x6 inches when open, 4x3 inches when closed. Great for a front pocket wallet (I use a similar glove wallet myself). This is made from baseball glove leather, so it is not super slim, I repeat, it is not slim! Also, all leather is vintage so the leather can have markings on it. All leather is old stock.

Please note, the leather is worn in spots and will need periodic conditioning to keep in it good shape. I condition all wallets when I make them so it won't need it for a few months. I use Pecards found on Amazon. Also, small slit in the leather through the word Softball, I tried to show this in the pictures.

Ball not included, shown for scale. Money and cards shown for display purposes only.

Leather is darker in photos due to conditioning, the leather will lighten up as the conditioner is absorbed.


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