About Us

Thank you for visiting our site!  As life-long baseball fans, this business was born in 2018.  I had just taken my Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO-1000H glove from high school out of the storage unit and began throwing a ball into it like I did when I was a kid.  Before long I was conditioning the glove and I even re-laced it.  But from there I couldn't really do much with it since I was in my mid-40s. 

I was looking for a new hobby as my current business was in a transition period and then it dawned on me!  Make a wallet out of my baseball glove.  Luckily I had another glove from high school so I didn't cut up my Heart of the Hide and before long I had made about 10 wallets for friends and family.

I made 10 more wallets and posted them on Etsy.  They sold out in 3 days, much to my surprise!  Fast forward 5 years and I've sold almost 3000 wallets and now make key chains, Apple watch bands, belts, bags and more!

Each wallet or key chain is still made in our small workshop.  We do not farm out any work or have products produced for us.  Each and every step in the process was done in our USA workshop.

A big part of our business is making custom wallets from gloves that you send to us!  Many times we will have a son or daughter send in their Mom or Dad's old glove after they have passed.  We send back a keepsake that will allow their cherished glove to live on and be used everyday to remind them of their mother or father.  Let us know if you have a glove you'd like to send in to be made into a custom wallet here.

- Matt Speer
Baseball Glove Goods