Set of 4 Coasters - WILSON/Horween NFL Leather - Official NFL Football Leather!!


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Made from Horween NFL Football leather, the same leather that Wilson uses on their Official NFL "The Duke" footballs. We are located an hour south of the Horween headquarters in Chicago, IL and are able to buy this leather directly from Horween before it is shipped to Wilson. With time the leather will develop a unique patina. Just like real Wilson Footballs, these coasters get better with use! The leather will darken with time developing a very interesting look.

Each coaster is 10 cm in diameter (approximately 4 inches) and features a cork backing. The leather can get wet from drink condensation and will dry afterwards, this will also help develop a unique patina. This is a set of four (4).

Leather is a natural product so the leather can have markings throughout.


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