Horween (Wilson) Football Leather Top Loading Wallet with Hidden 3rd Pocket!!


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Made from Horween Football leather, the same leather that Wilson uses on their NFL footballs. We are located an hour south of the Horween headquarters in Chicago, IL and are able to buy this leather directly from Horween before it is shipped to Wilson. This leather will break in and become very supple with time and it will develop a unique patina. Just like all Horween leather, this wallet with get better with use!

The brown leather is Horween Pioneer Reindeer, making this an all Horween leather wallet! Top loading. Three pockets (third pocket is hidden in the middle ) can hold 1-2 cards each and will stretch with use to hold more. Please note, this wallet is stiff to begin with and will take time to break in. At first 1-2 cards will fit tightly in each pocket, but with time and use will loosen up and hold more.

Approx. 2.25x4 inches. Great for a front pocket wallet. This is made from football leather, so it is not super slim, I repeat, it is not slim! Leather is a natural product and can have markings throughout, please see pictures.

Money and cards shown for display purposes only.


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